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This installation highlights the need for a good quality lining paper! At the start of the month we were contacted by another decorating firm that were having trouble hanging a metallic gold wallpaper by Harlequin, they had tried to hang the wallpaper twice but it had failed. The wallpaper installation was in a show home for a new Taylor Wimpey development in Esher.


The decorators had followed the instructions apart from the most vital, using a liner! Many people (even some decorators) think a lining paper is to smooth out dodgy walls but that is not the primary use of a liner. The reasons our decorators recommend the use of lining paper can be found here ‘Why Use A Lining Paper?’

Gold Wallaper
Gold Wallaper
Gold Wallaper

The problem with metallic wallpapers is that the backing expands at a different rate than the front when pasted, due to the print being so heavy. Lining paper is an absolute must to hold down the seams whilst the paper is drying. The seams will want to pucker up and the liner helps hold these down as it will have a much stronger grip on the finish paper than if it was hung directly on plaster.

We finished the installation just in time for the opening of the show home and we received this email just a few hours after we left, which is always nice.


“Thanks for attending today, we had rave reviews from directors of Taylor Wimpey!”

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