Another day, another wallpaper mural installed by our Brighton decorators. This installation was for Carpenter Farraday in their central Brighton offices.


We were contacted by the company to brighten up their offices making it a much more pleasant working environment for their staff. Wallpaper murals are perfect in creating this, a quick but dramatic change of scenery. The client had already got an image in mind and we helped advise on the best placement. Originally they had wanted the mural to wrap around 2 walls but a landscape vista such as this works much better on a single wall, so the decision was made to slightly reduce the mural in size and adorn the main wall. To minimise disruption to the busy office we arranged for the installation to be undertaken out of hours, in this case last Sunday, resulting in no down time for the company. The image chosen was a panorama of mountains, forests and a lake, this vista has it all, keeping the viewer interested and spotting new details all the time.

Time for our paper hangers to get busy. The wall was in fair condition but did needed a little bit of TLC to ensure the installation was at its best. As we were working to a strict timescale all of the products used needed to be quick drying so the hanging of the mural could proceed without delay. The type of paper used was HP PVC-Free Wallpaper. This paper lends itself to commercial environments to display graphics. The possibilities are endless with customers choosing to display company logos, advertising POS graphics, exhibition or simply to brighten up a space as with our clients. Removal is also quick, effective, cheap and comes with a guarantee from Hewlett Packard not to cause damage to the underlying wall which makes it an even more attractive paper to use come the end of any tenancy agreements or when used as an exhibition graphic in short term rented space.


The Results

Our decorators completed the mural on time as agreed and left the transformed office for the staff to enjoy on the Monday morning.

Canadian Vista Wallpaper Mural

We called in the following day to return the keys and find out what the staff thought of their new space. It didn’t take them long to point out Big Foot’s deserted Datsun hidden in the trees and they had also set about adding their own embellishments such as the Loch Ness monster and my personal favorite Ray Mears, truly an interactive mural! I’m sure it will provide endless light-hearted practical jokes making it a much more enjoyable and fun place to work.