So a few weeks back Colour Republic’s decorators were hired for yet another high end wallpaper installation. The wallpaper in question was from the Italian Jannelli e Volpi design house, more specifically their beautiful 901VIP collection. We have to state right here and now that sadly the pictures really don’t do the paper justice as the camera failed to pick up how the paper shimmers in the light.

The wall covering is made from thousands of tiny glass beads which really has to be seen in the flesh to fully appreciate. Cutting the paper of course requires delicate handling by the decorators, especially around detailed mouldings, such as the fire place is this room.

We cross lined the walls first with MAV 1000 grade lining paper; this is always advisable with wallpapers to give the best results. Many believe that lining paper is to be used only to sort out problem substrates but the with paper hanging it’s so much more than that. I won’t go into why just now, that’s a whole other blog! (watch this space). EDIT 2015: Please see an in depth explanation as to why we always recommend lining paper here.